Go on a 'Blind Date' with your hair...

I say this with caution. Blind dates are either a painful waste of time or the best way to find a partner. You can admit though, there is always potential. Stay with me on this metaphor. How many times has someone told you of a good product or DIY recipe but you don't have that nudge to try something new? Probably a few times at least. Sure, the 'new to you' products and viral hair trends are kind of annoying but they serve a purpose. If this blind date is a referral, it is likely something you would probably experiment with anyway.
The mystery sometimes poses a hurdle for you -- even for me! Not actually knowing if your hair will react in a favourable manner, especially if you have no background knowledge or experience with your hair. The fun is in the experience and, of course having a backup plan if it goes horrible. I went in with high spirits to attempt a wash and go, however, the reality is my curls would not clump and it dried stringy and puffy at the roots. Though disappointed, here comes a clutch backup, bap bap boop a twist-out and I'm totally down for another blind date. Accept that the mystery is just trial and error.
Your hair care regimen is not an algorithm. Yes, you can develop a routine with products according to your hair needs and master the technique that will eventually aid in surpassing your hair goal -- in the same breath, be patient with your hair. At different stages in your journey, your hair will change. By incorporating researched hair content where other naturalistas have vetted them a little bit, your hair health will improve (fingers crossed). Shake off the expectations, do a skosh of research beforehand and definitely be willing to give second chances. And that right there is how you survive a blind date.
Open your mind. You won't know everything about your hair upfront. Your hair can grow or get thicker, or even achieve that style. Aye, this blind date will encourage you to learn more. Essentially, you can determine what to experiment with next. Don't forget about your hair needs. Do what's right for you and your hair. I say this with the assumption you know what's right (giggles) but you can tell pre, mid or post blind date. Consider it, you either leave knowing this technique or product is not a match or it's now a holy grail in your hair care regimen. Either way blind dates make for an interesting story.
Written by Micheala P
IG/FB: @iseeyoumimi
YT: ISeeYou Mimi

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