Curlkeeper is a Salon, waster based, Naturally Curly award-winning brand that brings you the best for all types of curl.

We had the amazing opportunity to have CurlKeeper featured in our Curly Hair subscription box and it was a hit. Fav favourites like their Orginal total control, Styling cream, Tweek & Leave-in become our client's favourites. We are so excited to have them on board and to continue to support Curls and Confidence. Check out our experience at Jonathan Torch Curly Hair Institute for a curl cut.



Indulge your curls in Curlkeeper and watch the definition and Frizz free curls. Jonathan Torch the founder of Curlkeeper has been serving the Canadian community for over 20 years. Creating products that provide hold, without crunch or build up. Styling Curls behind the chair, helping people discover the potential of their curls.

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