Cicada Skincare

Cicada Skincare is a plant-based, all natural, cruetly-free skincare company from Toronto Canada. Inspired by the incredible metamorphosis of a Cicada bug, the founder wanted to create a natural glow on the skin. Inspired by her own natural glow she radiated on her return trip home and her passion and years of experience working in the  skincare industry. 

2018  Cicada skincare was born. The Lieu oil is the first product created incorporating a modern day love story the oil is beautifully scented, made with pure ingredients and has multiple uses for the face and body. Bar soaps were soon to follow, with a natural love for getting messy in the kitchen. Making colorful combinations, using exotic and nourishing oils, playing with Hemp, Honey, goat milk, Shea butter, different clays, and various scents to create a luxurious bathtime experience. Launching soon the new exfoliating gentle clay cleanser, foams and lathers, while removing dead-skin, dirt and oil from the pores.

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