10 Reasons to Go Natural



Have you been thinking about going natural but can't quite find the motivation to fully commit? I want to share with you why going natural is the best choice for your hair. Going natural is a decision you want to think about because it is a long-term commitment, but really it is a long-term investment in yourself.

  1. Accepting your natural hair is the most liberating experience you will ever have. Accepting your natural hair, embracing the awkward transitioning phase, the whole love and hate relationship thing can be daunting initially. However with time you feel so liberated! Free of trying to fit into society’s definition of ‘good hair’. No more burns from the creamy crack, no sew-ins, wigs, or damage from hair glue. You’re free to let your hair be beautiful, healthy, and natural.
  2. Natural hair empowers you! Call me overly confident or just seriously in love with the idea of embracing your natural beauty in every way. Once you go natural, you make a commitment to have healthier hair. Once you begin to see the process, and you begin to see your hair texture change, you feel more empowered by your decision because YOU accomplished something amazing. You are responsible for your natural hair. Not a miracle product or a fabulous hairdresser. The sky's the limit from there!
  3. Every strand of hair is unique. Your hair has kinks, coils, curls, it has a unique pattern and shape. Every strand is different and is a representation of you. Embrace the uniqueness! Be prepared, you may start obsessing about your hair in a very good way.
  4.  You will be a hair product junkie. You have every excuse under the sun to buy a ton of hair products. Going natural can seem costly initially because there are many one time purchases. The money you save from buying hair bundles plus the cost of your hair appointments, going natural is more cost effective. Focus on great products that will aid you during your healthy hair journey. During your transitioning phase, some products will work better than others. Sample as many products as you can so you really know what works best for you. The worst thing is having a bathroom cabinet filled with full-size products that you can't use.
  5. You will be noticed! Once I went natural I had strangers come up and compliment me all the time and anywhere. Love it or hate it your hair will draw attention. Half of it is people in awe of your hair texture, then there are fellow naturalista. They will see you coming a mile away and won't hesitate to tell you how good your hair looks! Embrace it, share your tips on what works for you and your favorite products. The natural hair community is enormous, growing quickly and very welcoming!
  6. You will become an ingredient specialist. If you are considering going natural you will soon learn there is a difference between being natural and using only natural products. Going natural means you are not chemically altering your hair or using artificial hair. Using natural hair products means you are using products that have been deemed as natural but still contain some non-natural ingredients. Usually, the non-natural ingredients are a binding agent, silicone, fragrance, or a preservative to give the product a shelf life. The same way we look at the nutritional value of our food, you will be doing that with your hair products. There are some ingredients that are good and some that aren't. Some ingredients are great for retaining moisture and balancing the PH level in your hair, while others can be more harmful and drying. You will see terms like sulfate, glycerin, silk amino acids, isopropyl alcohol and actually be able to tell the good and bad apart. (stay tuned I will post a blog about what those good and bad ingredients are and what you should stay away from soon). During your natural hair journey, you will become familiar with your ingredients and know what your hair needs.
  7. Your grocery store will be your new hair store.  Going back to what I mentioned earlier about using natural hair products and using natural ingredients, as you transition into natural hair, many of the things you need will be at your grocery store. The most popular ingredients you will need are avocado, honey, olive oil, eggs, apple cider vinegar, castor oil, rose water, and the holy grail  coconut oil. Using natural ingredients are cost effective and a lot of fun. Especially if you love working in the kitchen.
  8. No more unnecessary keep up! Your hair is yours to keep, to love, and to continue to grow. No more scheduled hair appointments for your perm touch up every six weeks. Do keep in mind natural hair is definitely work but work with purpose. Over time your hair will be healthier, more defined, and longer! Wash day and twist outs have their moments but in the end, it is worth it!
  9. Versatility. The biggest perk of having natural hair is the versatility you get when it comes to your hair styles. During the transition phase, protective styles are the best to keep the lengthy full head look without jeopardizing the health of your hair. You can straighten it, do twist outs to shape your curls, wash n' go for something quick and to refresh the curls or a protective style which is my favorite for hair growth. The styles are endless and natural hair has so much versatility!
  10. You may become so passionate you might open your own business …I did so have countless others. For those of you with an entrepreneurial spirit. The natural hair market is booming and people want new products. Many natural hair business owners started their business because they couldn’t find products that catered to their hair needs, myself included. I became interested in offering the market a way to try products before they buy it. I was frustrated with the idea of walking up and down the hair aisle, reading product reviews and saying “How do I know this will work for me?” Whatever your decision is, going natural is amazing because you don’t know where it will lead you. Hopefully, if it is going natural, starting your own line of beauty products, or opening a bakery whatever your thing is do it whole-heartedly and with passion. The best thing you can do is go for it and try your absolute best! What do you have to lose?


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