Silk or Satin Bonnets for natural hair?

Just wrap up!

     When it comes to Satin or Silk bonnet, Tie or elastic. How do you choose?

Really it comes down to one thing, wrap your hair when you sleep. This helps with three things.

  1. Protects your curls from frizz
  2. Soothes the hair cuticles as your sleep
  3. Prolongs your hair style, even in protective style.

Let's break it down!

This seems very basic to your natural hair 101, however two things I have learned and experienced first hand. Not all bonnets are the same, the most popular come in Silk or Satin.

Satin bonnet are pretty easy to find, on-line or at local markets for around $40-60 CAD. Satin is a synthetic,  but soft, durable, easy and comfortable for everyday use. ( Recommend: from Brampton, Ontario

 Silk is made from natural fibers, Its sexy, luxurious and  expensive. When shopping for silk ensure its 100% pure and authentic.  A silk bonnet or pillow case can cost you up to $100- $150 CAD , personally the difference is worth it. Silk is cool to the touch, it provides better ventilation for your crown, it has moisturizing and antiaging properties.  Silk is tightly woven, and its smooth fibers keep moisture locked into your skin and hair. ( Recommend: sells 22Mommre Silk Bonnets in Canada)

Silk or Satin, Silk is the top choice. The biggest factor to your next bonnet purchase is to avoid bonnets with the thick elastic band. You want the bonnet to stand in place, you also want your hair line. Jokes aside seriously, watch out for the pressure of the band against your hair line. It will adjust over time, pre-stretch or wear a scarf until the bands loosen. Some bonnets come with string to tie up, which is a little more work but helps to control the tightness around the hairline.

You can also use a head scarf folded into a triangle or durag, aim for satin or silk, avoid cotton. Cotton material can pull moisture out and leave your hair dry, style uneven with frizz. Whichever option you choose, try to be consistent, use what is comfortable for you. Expect trial and error in your natural hair journey. You will find what works, and you will save on styling time and have healthier smoother hair.

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